Winter 2019
 High Combined      High In Trial
    Elizabeth  &             Nancy & Cello

Fall 2018
                              High In Trial
       Jill & Patty                      Marvin & Amy

Spring 2018
Linda and Rudy - High in Trial

Spring 2017
Elizabeth and Flower / Linda - High in Trial

Winter 2017
Debbie High Combined, UOCH

Fall 2016 
Elizabeth High Combined & Debbie - High in Trial

Winter 2016
Debbie High Combined  &  Ellie - High in Trial   

High in Trial, Fall 2015

High in Trial, Winter 2015

 High in Trial, Spring 2015

High in Trial, Spring 2014
       HIT Sat. & Sun. Ellie                                   Claudia 
   with Travis, New UUD                         New UUD with Punk

High in Trial, Winter 2013
 HIT Sat.  Linda Rudy                        HIT Sun. Cindy Leung          

High in Trial, Fall  2012

High in Trial, Spring  2012